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Posted in ETL401 by sarahcook3 on March 4, 2010
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This is my second year working in two stream primary school as the TL, prior to this i worked two days a week in a job share as a secondary TL – i love my job. I am constantly finding fantastic tools on the internet to use and more importantly inspiring TLs who are enhancing our profession daily. From this perspective i see the TL as an essential part of any school community yet i work in a climate where we are a dying breed – TLs in our diocese are  not being replaced, others are being directed back to the classroom. I often feel overwhelmed at the sheer amount of digital tools out there that will help me manage my own interactions, make the teachers job easier and facillitate collaborative learning for the student. I know i have to promote my position and continue to make myself and my work vital to my school community – one of the reasons i started this course.

My current ponderings on my role as a TL revolve around creating independent learners through;

  • promoting a love of reading and literature
  • teaching information literacy for deep knowledge and creative thinking
  • harnessing the digital world to develop cooperative learning practices
  • providing value added resources for staff
  • empowering colleagues through shared leadership
  • managing the library resources

Rereading the list i wonder at the process of realising these goals. I hope i do my job well, it is what i try to do each lesson with my students. I look forward to immersing  myself in the theory of being a TL with the view of improving my teaching, securing my job and better tracking my success as a TL.

Endnote: juggling work, three children, relationships and study will surely be the challenge.


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