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Posted in ETL401 by sarahcook3 on March 25, 2010
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This is my second year as the TL and LTST at a primary school. The first year i went with the flow, doing what the teachers suggested during our cooperative planning time, being willing to introduced new web 2.0 tools, familiarising myself with the procedures and collection of the school. The teachers are very happy with what i am doing but i am beginning to realise that i am not providing the school with the full extent of my skills. Again this term i did what the teachers suggested though i managed to change two classes planning to include a web quest with embedded IL skills and another with analysing and synthesing note taking lessons. I now see my goal as promoting IL throughout the whole curriculum – i am considering introducing an IL model under the umbrella of RBL to the staff in an attempt to have both incorporated into the every learning and teaching of the school. I know some teachers will balk as it will add work for them and involve change in their teaching style so i think it will be a slow evolution and lots of positive leadership and work on my part.


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