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OLJ first entry 506

Posted in INF506 by sarahcook3 on March 10, 2011
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How can you define social networking when it is evolving so fast? From basic instant messaging to reconnecting you with people you had long forgotten to introducing you to people with similar interests, whether they are social or academic. One thing i have observed is that social networking is highly motivating and rather addictive.  To have internet access is to potentially be socially networked, it is a worldwide phenomenom that is growing exponentially and one that allows the user to be whoever they want to be – yourself and someone else. Essentially it is a communication tool that can break down barriers and create records/bibliographies of lives, and knowledge.

I currently use facebook mainly populated with nieces and nephews (who it feels like stalk as i watch and worry about they lives) and now as a member of INF504 group. I blog, am a member of some nings, run a delicious for the teachers at school, have joined second life for this course but am yet to embrace it, skype regularly, have created a wiki, used both google docs and prezi and use flickr occasionally for school.

I can sense that already I am experiencing a paradign shift (love that expression) in my thinking with regards to the use of social networking sites, especially facebook and second life. Although these may have originated socially and for escapism, they are now graduating into knowledge sharing and creating tools able to be harnessed by the education sector. I am looking for guided experience in using these and other similar tools in the education sector so that i may in turn share my knowledge with teachers and enable the learning of my students.


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  1. Jake Wallis said,

    Thanks for your thoughts Sarah, I think that the subject will guide through this paradigm shift (it is a great phase), enabling you to make informed choices about the use of a range social media tools within your professional context.

  2. Jake Wallis said,

    Btw you’re tagging has gone inconsistent already!

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