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Posted in INF506 by sarahcook3 on April 2, 2011
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New and evolving social applications and the way they are pervading our lives (ubiquity) has the ability to turn us all into knowledge creators. No longer the written essay but the movie with sound, image and commentary, not passive but active.

Explaining Web 2.0 by explaining computers reinforced these notions by categorising them into interpersonal computing, web services and saas (software as a service). I often marvel at how experts analysis and compartmentalise our behaviour and actions when the ordinary user usually just reacts, we experiment and play with what is on offer without a thought to the how or why we do.

 Not only how we learn but how we relate to each other is evolving. social media revolution (socialnomics, 2009) reinforces this by commenting on social media as being a fundamental shift in the way we communicate. I certainly see this with my own children and the students at the bus stop each morning with ear phones in or texting the person next to them or all huddled around a handheld screen sharing the lastest music video or gossip. I do love the view of Kevin Kelly that we are defined by the technology that we don’t use rather then by what we do.


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