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Social Media and Business

Posted in INF506 by sarahcook3 on April 2, 2011
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Nodalities – Charlene Li – online 09, Social Networking

Word of mouth through social media for businesses is powerful. You can be there but u can’t buy your way in it must be relational, it makes me think this is a backlash to the recorded messages that we get on help desks all the time, people are chosing a more personal experience.

From the view of business is the sense of giving up control – must talk to customers ARRHHGG the customer talks back and we don’t have control of that. So too in the classroom, students learning is moving out of the teachers control, through the technology being used and the abundance of information available that not one person can know. Teachers must provide scaffolds and criteria to enable students and guide them to become independent learners and problem solvers or lose credibility and authority. Finally to share what has been done, whether it is your feelings and frustrations, joy and successes or the new way you have created something seems to be paramount to a sense of achievement.


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