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Posted in INF 506 by sarahcook3 on April 19, 2011
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Tagging/folksonomy for user – generated content allows everyday jargon as access points thus opening up databases without specific training. I think my library mind may need retraining. meaning is shared. Like minded people can access each others content – maybe if you’re not in that group you can’t find that stuff, is that what some people want? A degree of privacy and elitism?

i need to sort this out, its a password/signin/login/account nightmare. yahoo is linked to flickr is linked to igoogle is all different usernames and passwords arrrggghhh, i have begun an excel – i need to tidy up!!!

Ok i have rediscovered my flickr account – when did flickr get advertising? Very disappointing but i suppose an indication of the way things are going. It was never going to remain free!

Have closed some windows to see i have a yahoo pulse account – don’t remember doing that one – nevertheless to the excel i go!