TL Ponderings


My homepage on each computer is iGoogle where I have many RSS feeds. Not surprisingly, the page is getting longer and longer as I come across more ‘authors’ to follow. I try to scan my homepage on a regular basis – daily, weekly although Sometimes its fortnightly, and I’m confident that the time spent scanning each heading and summary is keeping me abreast of current trends, good practice, social media tools and research. In searching for sites to subscribe to, to see RSS in action, I decided to set up and add feeds to my Google Reader rather than my iGoogle page (maybe keep my very favourites on the iGoogle and all the rest on Google Reader). It will mean remembering to check the reader regularly.

I subscribed to Ted Talks using Bookmarks Toolbar, although I can see that only a few feeds could be linked there otherwise it would become too busy, the same problem as iGoogle. I looked at the NSW State Library to subscribe to; they have quite specific categories, nicely catering to the needs of the user and so chose to be alerted to new titles. I also went to ALIA and discovered what ‘subscribe using Google Feeds’ is (a tab in your favourite button), I subsequently added a few more feeds that way. So I currently have four places my subscriptions feed into – iGoogle, Google Reader, Google Feeds and Bookmarks Toolbar (do I need Netvibes). I shall discover over the course of the next couple of months which platform best suits my online activities.

RSS feeds are currently meeting some/most of my work related information needs although i can see that one needs to be careful not to link to too many sites, possibly be selective otherwise i see myself getting bogged down in keeping up.