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Online Identity

Posted in INF506 by sarahcook3 on June 7, 2011
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Once again I am reminded of how insidious the Internet and technology has become, the stealth of the background mechanics. Not only has it taken our children from the backyard, created and extra appendage for our teenagers and distracted the workforce from the task at hand, but it is keeping a record of it all to boot. The Internet and continued development of technology has brought wonderful benefits and advantages to our society so when it comes to the area of online identity, privacy, security and trust education is the answer. As pointed out by Pearson (2009) records are kept of where we click, what we read and post. There is a phenomenon of ‘citizen surveillance’ where will this lead? Marketing strategists would argue that your organisation needs an online presence and identity complete with branding – you can trust us – and two way communications to compete in today’s Internet dominated world. This requirement to have an online presence seems to be the impression people (young and older) believe they need to be social? In? Viable? Worthwhile? Create an online identity moulded by their social networks, “…reconceptualizing identity as something that is mediated by … technology” (Mallan & Giardina, 2009). Are we different offline then we are online? The person you create online will follow you to the grave so as information professionals it is our duty to educate our students and colleagues about privacy and security online. To ensure individuality is maintained and group think does not prevail.

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